Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Some things are worth repeating...

The Bare Bones Facts About What Gets Us What We Want In Life...including, but not limited to, a new job, or promotion. ...(from an earlier post here in 8/03)

Have you ever noticed that there are some people in life who always seem to land on their feet, and get exactly what they want? (Cats are like that too, but for now we'll stick to people.) Then there are others who, no matter how hard they seem to try, always seem to miss that brass ring? ...This is no accident, or luck of the draw.

There are some basic truths about what makes some people more successful than others. The good news is that it is within everyone's power to become a person that wins more than they lose. Here is the short list of what it takes to be that person:

Intuition Successful people tend to be extremely in tune with what others think and feel, and are thus able to respond to them in a way that makes the other person feel comfortable in whatever situation they may be in. They know what to say, and when... and maybe most importantly, when not to say anything at all.

Confidence When a person demonstrates confidence in themselves (mannerisms, speech patterns, etc.), others feel more comfortable with that person's level of competancy, than they would with a fidgety person of lesser self-confidence. ...It's all about presence.

Deliberate Action When a person does and says and writes things with deliberation, it demonstrates that they are focused and knowlegable. A 'deliberate' person doesn't ramble, or use more than they need to make a point, or accomplish a task. They have done their homework, and therefore are rarely left without a good answer to a good question. They also show a steady progression in their lives and their careers. They know what they want, and how to get it. This also makes others comfortable when in their company.

Reliability If a person consistently does what they say they are going to do, and when, they are not only demonstrating good time management skills, but also showing respect for others by quietly delivering the message that they know that everyone's time is as valuable as their own. People are more comfortable with those they know they can count on.

Integrity People that have all of the above traits tend to be honest and ethical, but that isn't necessarily always the case. People of high morals will always also tell the truth, even if the truth is sometimes a little painful. A successful person will deliver 'painful truths' with as much tact and diplomacy as is needed, and never cross the line of ethics. People may not always like what is said to them, but will feel confidence in the person who always shoots straight with them.

OK, so basically, success all seems to boil down to one thing... making other people feel comfortable. This, no doubt, is where the following sayings come from; "No man is an island", and, "You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours", and the yearly June ad, "Buy your dad a Lazy Boy this Father's Day".

But seriously, the tips above can help anyone to catch that brass ring (at least most of the time). Practice them in all of your relationships, not just job interviews, and you will begin to see a change almost immediately in the way others perceive (and treat) you.

Formerly FROM THE INSIDE OUT was primarily a work-related blog, but as of 4/24/04, the sky's the limit! (Written anonymously, by someone you don't know anyway.) Old posts have been left in place, in case anybody has nothing better to do than read our archives. Well... there just might be somebody, right?

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