Thursday, July 31, 2003
Interesting Web Site

I think the address was, or something like that. When I saw this, it made me think that maybe I am in the wrong business. Panhandling online is an interesting concept.

It almost goes with our idea of starting a web site for those MLMers who beg us to take their money to access our subscriber services (which we DO NOT allow, in any way, shape, or form). Do you have any idea how hard it is to tell 2-3 people each day that they can keep their money? ...It sure goes against my grain, but rules are rules. For those folks, we have entertained the idea of starting a new web site just for them. Some of the names we have considered are: or or or my personal favorite... (Any better ideas? We're open for suggestions.)

Anyway, I was raised to believe that everything in life comes at a price, and there is no such thing as a 'free lunch'. Of course, my folks were depression-era children, and that was the truth in their day. The Internet, it seems, has apparently changed even that. I was always a rebel however, and can't help but wonder what my parents would think of me now, if I were to start my own web site. It would be interesting to see how many people would be willing to do that... If you are one of them, let me know, and I'll tell you where to send it to. Do it before my new site is even built, and I'll make you a site sponsor. ;-)

But seriously... a word of warning ...if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you are looking for a job, and someone tells you that it's going to cost you anything (for details or to get started), don't do it! Double your money instead. ...That is, fold it in half, and put it back in your pocket! Legitimate jobs pay you, not the other way around ...Not ever!
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Ultimately, we all work for ourselves.

Whether we write our own paychecks, or somebody else does, we do ultimately all work for ourselves. (I know this to be true, because we have tried to get people to work for IYJN for free, and they won't do it.)

But seriously, if we don't all do what we do to the best of our abilities, those paychecks stop coming. (After all, we can't all work for the government, can we?)

When out and about in the world, I meet some very interesting people. When asked, "What do you do [for a living]?", most will answer, "I work for [company name]." Then, they will often proceed to tell me what they like, or don't like, about their jobs, and/or the company they 'work for'.

You will rarely, if ever, hear a self-employed person say, "I hate my job, and my company stinks." ...Why? Because they perceive themselves as working for themselves. When this perception is present, most people work harder and smarter than they likely ever would working for somebody else's company. (And even if their company does stink, they won't say so.)

So, I say, if we all realized that no matter whose name is on the corporation papers, we are ultimately working for ourselves (which, in reality, we all are), productivity and pride in the workplace would go through the roof! Of course, if the company is not your own, but 'the powers that be' could foster and encourage such an attitude in each employee (by treating them well and paying them competitively), WOW!... IYJN would be out of business within a year. So would 10's of 1000's of recruiting firms and employment agencies.

OK, scratch that last paragraph. Everybody back to work. Enough of this "happy workplace" nonsense. I have a job to do (and I better go do it like my life depends on it, as if I'm working for myself). ...Whew, that was close!
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Be good at what you do. Someone's watching you!

Don't you spammers know the difference in the words loose and lose? Apparently not. And it is one of the #1 reasons why the rest of us throw your mail away unread. (Well, OK, me anyway.)

As I sit at my desk each morning blocking emails from spammers, I can't help but notice the subject lines of some of these little intrusions on my day... It seems about 75% have misspellings in them. I think to myself (while clicking delete, delete, delete), "Why in the world don't you people get real jobs and leave me alone?!"

It hit me this morning that you've probably tried that, and that's why you now do what you do. I can just picture your resume...

OK, OK I see your point. Keep your junk coming, since I can't seem to stop it. Everybody is good at something. To me, you'll always be a looser. And a darn good one at that!
Monday, July 28, 2003
Just because you're paranoid...
(you know how the saying goes).

DJ, from CA, writes: "...I don't understand it, but nobody seems to like me wherever I work. I have lost my last 2 jobs because of it. I don't know why this happens, because I go out of my way to be nice to people. ...I buy birthday gifts for my coworkers, and always offer to help them with their problems at work. My wife says I'm too nice, and people don't know how to take me. Can a person really be too nice? I am beginning to wonder."

Dear DJ: Yes, I'm afraid one can be too nice. So knock it off! Stop buying presents for people, and just do your job (and do it well), and you will meet with much more success in the workplace. Don't offer to help people with their problems, but be willing to assist if asked to. Be friends with your wife, your dog, or even your friends, but keep work and your personal life separate. They are two totally different things. You can be pleasant without being 'friendly'.

Remember, it doesn't matter so much if people like you, as long as they respect you. Because if they respect you, 9 out of 10 times they will like you too. It doesn't necessarily work the other way around. ...Good luck, DJ. I hope that helped. I respect you, but let's not be friends, OK? :-) (By the way, my birthday is in April.)
Too many Chiefs ...Not enough Indians.

It's like they always said. The St. Petersburg Times confirmed this suspicion just this morning in their business section. They have stated that the following are the national averages of US workers, and "what they do" (and a brief description of each, that I've added for clarity):

37.2% White Collar ...People who decide what happens.
31.5% Blue Collar ...People who make things happen.
19.7% Service ...People who often take the blame for what happens.
11.6% Sales ...People who make sure that the people who decide what happens can continue to do that.

Is it just me, or do you see it too? What do you mean, see what?! Written out in this way, I can see what is wrong with our whole economy. It's as clear as the nose on my face, isn't it? (Of course, the following analogy may make more than one or two white collar workers beg to differ. I hope they do. It could be fun.) ;-)

I think that if the country will take part in this simple experiment for the last quarter of 2003, we would see some significant turnarounds by 2004.... Let's say that 25.6% of the largest group resign their positions and take on the job of those in the smallest group. The picture would then look like this;

37.2% Sales ...People who make sure that the people who decide what happens can continue to do that.
31.5% Blue Collar ...People who make things happen.
19.7% Service ...People who often take the blame for what happens.
11.6% White Collar ...People who decide what happens.

Sales would skyrocket. Stocks would soar. People would be working. And last but not least, the 19.7% of people who make less than anybody else (Service ...People who often take the blame for what happens) could get a much-deserved pay raise.

Now that I've solved that problem, it's off to work for me. What do I do exactly? A little of everything....

37.2% ...Make sure that the people who decide what happens can continue to do that.
31.5% ...Make things happen.
19.7% ...Take the blame for what happens.
11.6% ...Decide what happens.

It works for me!
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Selective Hearing 101

Born with an apparent hearing impairment, my mom used to jokingly say that it was probably passed on to me from dad. She said he suffered from "chronic selective hearing". It sounded serious to me. After all, she was a nurse, and I was accustomed to hearing medical terms tossed around. I didn't understand the humor in her statements until I was a tad older (when it hit me what 'selective' meant). Of course it was even a tad funnier that Mom would say I got it from Dad too --like his blue eyes, when taken into consideration that they had adopted me.

I'm over 40 now (the age my parents were when I first recall Mom saying how I got my hearing impairment from Dad), and I can see things through their eyes now. I realize that at least 80% of the population, though I think it may actually be more than that, suffer from SHD/SAD --Selective Hearing Disorder & Selective Answering Disorder. It's frightening when you think about it. It's also amazing that a good 50% of them also appear to suffer from UTD --Unselective Talking Disorder.

I myself am a strong, straight SHD type, with an inclination towards UTDism. Hey, at least I know who I am now. And with a little therapy, I am learning to stop blaming it on my dad ...and you should too! (If you need further help with your ism's, visit

Have a good weekend, all. I'm outta here!
Friday, July 25, 2003
This is a test of the Emergency Employment System [SCREEECH]... If this would have been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune in, in your area, for further instructions.

WHAT?! We aren't calling a 9 year high in unemployment an actual emergency?! If not, what then? My opinions aren't the only ones that matter here. If you'd like to share yours, drop me a line at ...(You know you want to!)

"Hello, 9-1-1... What's your emergency?"
Speaking of Road Rage... Hasn't anybody ever heard of "The Golden Rule"?! I think too many people use the misinterpretation, "Do unto others as they do unto you." THAT'S NOT IT, and I think you (you know who you are) know it!!!

Technology is a wonderful thing, when put in the right hands. It was, however, meant to be used to communicate with others faster, and more efficiently... Not to give the user a keyboard (a sometimes lethal weapon) and monitor (not unlike a tinted windshield) to hide behind when they want to be surly and rude to others, because they have a feeling of anonymity --like the guy somebody else cut off in traffic this morning who followed me the rest of the way to work, shouting obscenities at my rearview mirror. I'm almost certain that if we would have been traveling on bicycles, instead of in cars, the whole thing would have never happened... We may even be sharing a cup of tea right now, but that's another story.

I never got back to my 'rock revelation tale' from yesterday, because it seems I spent the rest of the afternoon being a road rage victim. One guy wrote to us, and I quote, "This is tiring. Am I registered or NOT???????? I was double charged, then credit, will fix data, etc. So its been 3+ weeks!!!!! NADA!!!!"

My, my, his over use of punctuation was so loud, I couldn't hear anything else!!! ...Searching frantically for this person in our customer records to find out what the problem was so we could fix it, I came up empty-handed. I finally relented and called him on the phone. I said that I couldn't find such a record for an employer of any kind (since he didn't provide a company name), so could he please help me to help him. He said that he wasn't with an employer. He was looking for a job. When I explained that our job seeker services are free, and therefore there is no way we even have his credit card information, I was met with complete silence. It seems that it wasn't our web site that did this to him, but he claimed to be unable to find contact info for the one that did. ...Next it was my turn to fall silent (as you can imagine, something that happens infrequently).

The moral of this story is this... If somebody cuts you off in traffic, and somebody else double bills your credit card --pick a totally uninvolved stranger, and send him or her a nasty email. (It's quicker than following them to work.)

Technology. What a great way to meet new people!
Thursday, July 24, 2003
Do you always feel like you are coming up a day late and a dollar short? If so, I have great news! It may not be YOU. I think it just may be an epidemic. That, or at least just ME and you. Misery loves company, doesn't it? Welcome to my world. Grab a gazoo, and let's hum a few bars together, of the theme song to Andy Griffith. ...Those were the days, but I digress.

It seems that prior to about 1998, everything I touched turned to gold. Business was great (I was recruiting back then), people were receptive to new and interesting ideas, and I was living happily ever after. Then out of nowhere... WHAM. It hit me. I was getting ripped off, and I realized that it had all started as far back as about 1964, when I began selling rocks to our neighbors out of my little red wagon (a little pre-K inspiration I had, according to my mother).

Apparently however, sometime around the first semester of 1st grade, my neighbors stopped finding the neighborhood door-to-door rock salesperson as cute and charming as they once did, because sales began to slide. I made a marketing decision to start painting my rocks. I did a line of 'solids' in a variety of primary colors, and shortly after turning 6, began painting faces on them too (and even dogs and cats). A whole 'family' line of rocks were born.

My point? (Yes, I have a point.)... I was the original inventor of the Pet Rock that made someone else wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Where am I almost 40 years later? Writing blogs for a web site (among other things I do here). I am a tad short of being wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, and it would be a big stretch to see me as even remotely "cute" at this stage of the game. I have nothing left but my brains to rely on now. (Yikes! Talk about performance anxiety.)

More on this later (if something else more ugent to report on doesn't come up in the meantime). I have to get some "real" work done. This blog stuff, of course, is just for fun. (Not to mention... the company also found this to be a more economical solution than to pay for professional therapy. It too was a marketing decision, I think, because it keeps me in the office, instead of in somebody else's.)
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Here's one for the funny papers! One of my associates just informed me that he received a call from one of our customers, complaining about the lack of response to her job postings. Upon logging into her account, he discovered that she had had anywhere from 10-40 applicants for each of her job postings in the last 30 days (the average being about 20).

Assuming the applicants weren't suitable, he asked if she had used our Screening Questions tool to help eliminate those who don't qualify. She said she didn't feel she needed to do that, because at least 1/2 of the applicants she received were good prospects. Confused, he asked her what the problem was then. She replied that she had expected more (larger quantity) of a response, like she got from She said that she had posted one of her positions there also, and had gotten over 200 applicants (for just the one job) for the same time period. When asked how many of them were suitable for the position, she stated that she had only actually been through about 50 of them so far, and only one was even close to what she was looking for.

We got out our calculator (though we really didn't need to) and did some calculations. According to our findings, 1/2 of 20 considered "good candidates" (or 50%) is greater than 4 in 200 "good candidates" (if only 3 out of the next 150 she muddles through follow suit). He couldn't seem to make her understand that according to her own statements, she fared far better at IYJN than she did with her other posting. "200 is a lot more than 20", she insisted.

...Yet another referral to (Those people ought to be giving us a cut of the business we send them, but alas, not even a thank you!) ;-)
Good morning, all. New day. New attitude. It's still early, so no one has come along yet to squelch the optimism I begin with every morning, so I thought I'd start my day here.

Yesterday, someone called me and asked if the whole recruiting industry is just a big scam. Before I answered, I asked if he could elaborate. Elaborate he did. He said that since he began looking for a new job in February, he has sent his resume to 100's of recruiters and companies, but no one ever responds. When he attempts to reach them by phone, basically he is told, "Don't call us, we'll call you." How rude. The guy almost had me on his side, until he made this remark... "I have applied for every job available in the state of Pennsylvania that's listed on your web site, from a nuclear medicine position to a job merchandising for a major department store chain."

By this time, of course, I am scratching my head, thinking this guy sure has the most diverse background I've ever heard of. When I asked him what he did on his last job, he said, "Oh, I've been in computer programming for 10 years." V-E-R-Y interesting, I'm thinking. So I bite... "How long has it been since your experience in those other fields (referring, of course, to nuclear medicine and merchandising)?" He says, "I don't have any experience in those fields, but I am a fast learner, and willing to live anywhere in Pennyslvania" He added that he was even willing to relocate at his own expense. (What a find this guy is!)

Oh, I see... his major experience that would qualify him for either of those jobs (in his mind) is that he has lived in PA all his life, and has his bags packed. Why didn't I think of that for qualifications to do absolutely ANY job in that fine state (or any other for that matter)? If his technique were actually working for him, I'd have to say how dumb those recruiters and companies are for not even giving this poor guy the time of day. After all, how many people could there possibly be that are as 'uniquely qualified' as that?

My recommendation to him? Don't give up! But I also recommended that he immediately remove his resume from IYJN, and instead post it at I told him their customers are likely much more "hiring savvy" than those at IYJN. (I even said it kind of quietly, like I was letting him in on some sort of insider secret. I think he bit. Twenty minutes later, I went searching for his resume in our database, but it had been deleted.) ;-) ...You're welcome, Monster! No need to thank me. I'm just doing my job.
Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Testing, testing... Danger, Will Robinson.
If you woke up breathing today, congratulations! You have yet another chance to mess things up. Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Formerly FROM THE INSIDE OUT was primarily a work-related blog, but as of 4/24/04, the sky's the limit! (Written anonymously, by someone you don't know anyway.) Old posts have been left in place, in case anybody has nothing better to do than read our archives. Well... there just might be somebody, right?

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